Jeffrey Toobin Torches William Barr: ‘Sean Hannity Is The Attorney General’

CNN’s chief legal analyst called out Barr for repeating Fox News talking points.

CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Friday accused Attorney General William Barr of simply regurgitating Fox News talking points in a bid to cast a positive light on President Donald Trump.

Toobin said he was “amazed” by an “astonishing” interview Barr gave Fox News earlier in the day in which he defended his new probe into the origins of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and backed Trump’s repeated description of Mueller’s work as a “witch hunt” and “a hoax.”

“It turns out the attorney general is Sean Hannity and Sean Hannity is the attorney general,” Toobin said on Friday’s broadcast of “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer.

Hannity is the host of the widely watched primetime Fox News show “Hannity.” He is a staunch supporter of Trump and last year even controversially joined the president onstage at a rally in Missouri.

“I mean, every talking point from Fox News gets repeated,” Toobin added. “He has no problem with calling the FBI, which works for him, ‘a hoax’ and ‘a witch hunt’ and [saying] Donald Trump co-operated fully even though he didn’t talk to the investigation.”

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