Porn Star Jelena Jensen Laughs Off Bizarre Connection To Bret Michaels' Brain Hemorrhage

Porn stars are used to causing physical reactions in others, but usually not a brain hemorrhage.

The man who wrote hits like "Talk Dirty To Me" said before the incident he had been watching a baseball game, but switched to "Busty Cops 3" while channel-surfing between commercials.

It was while he was watching the porn film that his brain started hemorrhaging. Michaels said he started fearing for his life -- and that he'd be caught watching porn.

“That’s one of the last visions I had was this awful, awful soft core something or other,” Michaels said. “In between that and MLB something went awry…it was horrific.”

Michaels has since recovered and now hosts the Travel Channel series "Rock My RV," but his "endorsement" of "Busty Cops 3" is amusing to one of the film's stars, Jelena Jensen.

"I find it hilarious that I may have been one of the last things Bret Michaels saw before his hemorrhage," Jensen told The Huffington Post by email.

"I've caused a car accident before by someone staring at me instead of paying attention to driving, but I can't say I've caused a brain hemorrhage. As far as I know, this is definitely the strangest reaction someone has had to one of my films."

Michaels isn't the only person who has had a reaction to "Busty Cops 3."

A 2011 review of the film by TheVideoVacuum said it might be "the greatest Skinamax Movie of all time," before suggesting "Busty Cops Go Hawaiian" might be just a little better.



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