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JELL-O Combover Ad Might Be The Most Depressing Thing We've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

Way to suck all the joy out of the room, guys.

Okay, JELL-O, we get it. Life is too short. Childhood whimsy is fleeting. JELL-O pudding is delicious. But do you think that going forward, you could just sell pudding instead of depressing the ever-loving hell out of us? This ad, which we like to think of as the JELL-O Combover Incident, shows a dad explaining to his son why chocolate pudding sometimes makes bad days a little better. Only, we, unlike this man's cherubic son, get the subtext spelled out visually for us.

"Imagine waking up every day with a little less hair," he begins. There, we're transported into this little boy's mind for the terrifying and bizarre moment we all eventually face in life -- when we grow up, we're going to look exactly like our parents. It pretty much only goes downhill from there to include a morning commute where he almost spills coffee all over himself and nearly dies in a horrific traffic accident, and an encounter with a boss so Lumbergh-ian we hope Mike Judge got a story credit. For the finale, this little boy, with all the admiration and sympathy in the world, looks up at his dad and says, "Here, you need this more than me."

This 30-second commercial sells pudding by inflicting a fictional existential crisis upon a child so intensely, that he decides to give his pudding to his dad to make him feel better. As if to say, "Dad, there are people that love you. It's going to be okay. Please don't give up." The hashtag ascribed to this ad is #funthingsup. Fun things up, guys. While you still can. Did that sell you any pudding?

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