Jell-O's Fun My Life Twitter Campaign: Social Media Genius Or Just 'Funning' Annoying?

Gelatin cubes in glass bowl
Gelatin cubes in glass bowl

Since the advent of Twitter, the hashtag #FML has been a well-known, if not overused, expression of self-pity. But all this time we've had it all wrong, at least according to Jell-O, which is now trying to redefine the profane acronym as part of a new social media marketing campaign announced earlier this week.

So far, the company has been awarding free Jell-O to a select number of self-deprecating Twitter users troubled by things like being too hot or tired, mistaking deodorant for dry shampoo, nearly losing cellphone battery and having a bad track meet, among others.

The company also offered Jell-O to some Twitter users who might need more than the jiggly dessert.

And apparently not having health insurance is a problem that can simply be fixed with some free Jell-O:

As a result some have felt the need to tell Jell-O to just go ahead and "fun" off, as it were:



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