Jell-O Shot Recipes That Have Graduated From College

Jell-O has never been so fancy.

We might not be proud of it, but many of us have been beyond intoxicated at least once or twice thanks to Jell-O shots. Most nights that included these neon-colored shots did not end well -- and the morning after faired even worse -- which is probably why there's a steady decrease of these shots in our lives as we get older.

We're here to make sure that doesn't happen. Jell-O shots don't have to mean cheap vodka, red Jell-O and plastic disposable cups. Nope, these shots can be made out of well balanced cocktails, molded into beautiful shapes and set in striking colors. We've found many impressive examples. Take a look at these gorgeous recipes and give Jell-O shots another try.

Cranberry Jell-O Shots
The Beautiful Mess
Get the Cranberry Jell-O Shots recipe from The Beautiful Mess
Cadillac Margarita Jello Shot
Bakers Royale
Get the Cadillac Margarita Jello Shot recipe from Bakers Royale
Bramble Jelly Shots
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Get the Bramble Jelly Shots from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Champagne Rhubarb Jelly Shots
Anna Hezel/Food52
Get the Champagne Rhubarb Jelly Shots recipe from Anna Hezel via Food52
French 75 Jell-O Shot
Bakers Royal
Get the French 75 Jell-O Shot recipe from Bakers Royal
Jagerbomb Jelly Shots
Bakers Royale
Get the Jagerbomb Jelly Shots recipe from Bakers Royale
Cucumber-Lime Margarita
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Get the Cucumber-Lime Margarita recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Candy Corn Jell-O Shots
That's So Michelle
Get the Candy Corn Jello Shots recipe from That's So Michelle
Mojito jello shots
A Beautiful Mess
Get the Mojito jello shots recipe from A Beautiful Mess
White Wine Sangria
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Get the White Wine Sangria recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Get the Cosmopolitan recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Rainbow Cherry Jigglers
Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Get the Rainbow Cherry Jigglers recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
Blue Curacao And Citron Vodka Jell-O Shots
Savoring Every Bite

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