Jen Kirkman's New Netflix Special Is For All Of Us Who Are Going To Die Alone

Is your personal life a bit of a shit show? So is Jen Kirkman's.

In a trailer for her new Netflix stand-up special "I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)", the comedian and "Chelsea Lately" panelist gives a brutally honest assessment of her life.

"I hate to just keep throwing it in your face how great my life is, but let's review: 40, divorced, don't have kids," she says in one bit. "I know I could hit my head on the bath tub and no one will know and I'll die -- I'll bleed out and three days later a cat will eat my face. I don't have a cat but when a single woman dies alone a cat appears."

It's not the first time Kirkman has joked about being single in her 40s. On her blog, the comic -- who divorced writer and director Neil Mahoney in 2011 -- doled out advice on what not to say to a newly single person, including "I'm sorry."

"It puts the stranger in the position of having to explain that they are fine and then give too much information about why they are fine," she wrote. "Instead, just say what every friend wants to hear: 'You look thin!'"

Check out Kirkman's Netflix comedy special when it premieres on May 22.

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