Jen Psaki Recounts How Biden Reacted To Trump's Oval Office Letter

The White House press secretary said the letter was "very long" and the script "lovely."

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday revealed a few details about the letter President Donald Trump left in the Oval Office for his successor, Joe Biden.

“It was long; it was very long,” she said during a recent appearance on “West Wing” actor Rob Lowe’s podcast. “The script, from where I could see, was very lovely.”

She said she would always remember “a remarkable moment” on her first day on the job, when Biden found and silently read the letter in the Oval Office while she was there with him preparing for her first press briefing.

“He didn’t read aloud. He read it to himself,” she said. “And he is such a classy guy, whether people agree with his politics or not, that he didn’t even convey it to us in that moment of what the letter said. He kind of read the letter, consumed it himself.”

She said she still doesn’t know what was in the letter.

When Biden first took office, he revealed that Trump wrote “a very generous letter” but declined to share its contents.

“Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him,” he told reporters.

Notes left by presidents ultimately go to the National Archives and are made public. Previous presidents have typically offered encouragement to their successors. In 2017, Trump described a note from Barack Obama as “a beautiful letter.”

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