Jen Stark's 'To The Power Of' Brings Rainbow Overload To Martha Otero Gallery (PHOTOS)

Jen Stark's sculptures look as if the Miami-born artist took an X-acto knife to a rainbow, exposing its rhythmic sedimentary layers.

With Rainbow Brite colors and an unbelievably steady hand, Stark combines microscopic forms and macro-scale celestial patterns into kaleidoscopic forms. Looking at one of her paper sculptures we can't tell if we're looking at a wormhole, a dreamcatcher or a chemical compound, but we're fascinated nevertheless.

jen stark

Although her zig-zagged edges and rigid materials like paper and wood seem like they'd give off a structured origami vibe, their incredible detail makes the myriad layers morph into a hallucinatory geodes that recede organically into space. The colors vibrate at an incredible frequency, creating a rhythmic flow of some unknown life force.

Stark explained her fascination with the macro and the micro to Cool Hunting: "I love thinking about how enormous shapes out in the universe can have the same patterns as tiny microorganisms under a microscope. How geometric shapes and certain spiraling patterns apply to designs in nature big and small. Also, it is interesting to me how much we still don't know about science and the way things work."

Stark's current exhibition is called "To The Power Of," merging the artist's interest in math and scale with the spiritual presence of unseen power. You can see Stark's explosive works in person until December 1 at Martha Otero Gallery in LA. See a preview below:

Jen Stark

Watch Stark channel her rainbow powers in a Dan Deacon music video below: