Jen Whitelam, British Mother, Saves Daughter By Out-Running Truck

Quick-Thinking Mom Saves Baby From Out Of Control Truck

Evidence abounds of humans engaging in astonishing feats of strength under the influence of adrenaline. Examples include kids lifting 2,000-pound vehicles off their grandparents, and strangers rescuing infants that fall onto train tracks. Today, a mom in the UK may want to thank her adrenaline-fueled actions for saving her daughter's life.

Jen Whitelam, 23, and her one-year-old daughter, Bella, were walking out the front door of their apartment when an out-of-control semi-truck came careening towards them. According to the Daily Mail, Whitelam grabbed her daughter's hand and sprinted through her home with the 32-ton truck hot on their heels.

"I didn't have time to pick her up," said Whitelam to Parentdish. "I just dragged her to the back of the house."

"The sound of it coming through the wall was like nothing I have ever heard before," she told the Daily Mail. "The house was shaking and it was awful. The first thing it hit was my car, it totally smashed it. And then it came through the kitchen."

Amazingly, both Whitelam and her daughter survived, as did Whitelam's sister Rebekah, who was in the living room at the time. When the truck finally came to a stop, it missed the duo by a mere few inches.

The Sun reports the truck caused nearly $110,000 worth of damage as it rolled through her house. The truck firm has apologized for the accident, and reimbursed Whitelam for damages to the house, but has so far refused to pay for damage to the car, saying it's now a matter for insurance to deal with.

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