Jencarlos Canela Surprises 96-Year-Old With A Birthday Serenade

So sweet.

Jencarlos Canela knows how to get a party started.

The 28-year-old singer recently announced he’ll attend any party he’s invited to, to help promote his new song, “Pa Que Me Invitan.” And the very lucky first recipient of his offer was a sweet 96-year-old birthday girl. Pepa, according to a post on Canela’s Facebook page, had just two wishes on her birthday ― to be surrounded by her grandchildren and to have a visit from the musician.

Canela didn’t disappoint as he prepared to give Pepa the birthday surprise of a lifetime, recording his journey as he granted the nonagenarian her birthday wish, complete with flowers and a cake.

“I am humbled and tremendously happy to have sung, laughed and celebrated with Pepa,” Canela wrote. “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world! It’s beautiful to see a family that is so close and can come together to bring so much love into one room.” 

Canela clearly has an affinity for his elders, featuring many older people in his “Pa Que Me Invitan” video, saying they’ve taught him that “age is nothing but a number.”

Check out the video above to see Pepa’s fangirl moment as she gets a sweet serenade and a memory she’ll never forget. 



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