Jenna Dewan Criticizes Beyoncé's Early Strut, Hears Footsteps Of Beyhive

"The whole world is about to come for me," the dancer said on "Watch What Happens Live."

Dancer and author Jenna Dewan is about to get stung by the Beyhive.

On “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday, Dewan said her No. 1 pet peeve when she sees celebrities dance is the way they walk in heels. (Watch the video above.)

Several weeks pregnant, Dewan demonstrated the wrong way with a lurching-forward strut and showed off the proper form of “walking through your feet.”

But she didn’t stop there. She named an offender, a really popular one. And now her life may never be the same.

Asked by host Andy Cohen who is most guilty of the walk, Dewan said Beyoncé, “back in the day.”

“But now she walks perfectly through her heels,” she quickly added.

Dewan noted that she worships Bey but acknowledged: “The whole world is about to come for me right now.”

Nah, Jenna, just a really big part of it.

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