Meeting Justin Bieber Instantly Turned Jenna Dewan Tatum Into Her 16-Year-Old Self

"We all completely fangirled out."

Channing Tatum better step up (😉) his game because we all know Justin Bieber has a thing for older women

Jenna Dewan Tatum stopped by "The Ellen Show" on Tuesday and revealed that when it comes down to it, she's a major Belieber at heart. After explaining her husband's Valentine's Day surprise -- so cute, it's annoying -- the "Supergirl" actress revealed that she had an embarrassing run-in with the man, the myth, the legend: Justin Bieber. 

Yeah, you're right. Legend takes it too far. 

"I had a girls night out the other night with all my best girlfriends. And we were at this restaurant just totally chilling ... Then someone gets on the piano and starts playing a song and we’re like, 'This is really good ... it sounds like Justin Bieber.' And then it was like, ding, ding, ding, ding it all dawned on us at once, we were like that’s Justin Bieber. We all completely fangirled out," she told Ellen.

 "We turned immediately 16," Dewan Tatum continued. "We sent him a drink to say thank you for serenading us. He comes over to our table ... He looks to me and he’s like, 'I saw your 'Lip Sync Battle'' and I’m like, 'You did? I saw yours!' And then he goes, 'Can we take a selfie' and I was like, 'Sure! Yes, let’s take a selfie.' And he goes, 'I want to send it to Chan he’s my man crush.'"

When you meet Bieber at your girls night out and appropriately fangirl out in a selfie (btw he is the sweetest)

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Can you see the sparks?

"You're married to Channing Tatum. I want to remind you and you're crushing on Justin Bieber," Ellen joked after Dewan Tatum told the host about her encounter. 

"And then Bieber is crushing on Chan, and we're all crushing on him," she added. 

And on that note, we have a new goal in life: get so intimate with Channing Tatum that we call him "Chan." 

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