Jenna Lyons' Divorce Turns Messy: Report

Jenna Lyons' Divorce Mess

Even the people with the most (seemingly) charmed lives have their problems.

New York Post reports today on the unraveling mess of Jenna Lyons' divorce, as the J. Crew creative director split from her husband Vincent Mazeau this summer.

Lyons, who's beloved for her iconic high-low style, is currently in battle with her estranged husband over their fortune (which is substantial -- in 2009, Lyons received a bonus of $1 million) as well as their son, Beckett.

Lyons is famous for her chic lifestyle, which extended beyond clothes and to the sophisticated Brooklyn townhouse she shares with Mazeau. Now Mazeau, writes the Post, is asking for that home as well as a large settlement, saying that he sacrificed his career to allow Jenna to rise professionally.

On the other hand, says a source, Lyons gave her husband the ability to pursue his artistic career with her J. Crew-funded financially stability.

It's a mess made even messier by an additional detail: according to Page Six, "we're told Lyons has fallen in love with another woman who also works in the fashion business."

Let the guessing game begin, folks.

Read more at and reminisce over happier times with these videos of Jenna with Vince, Beckett... and Oprah.

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