Watch Jenna Lyons Diss Lena Dunham In New 'Girls' Trailer (VIDEO)

J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons is fashion's ultimate cool girl, sprinkling her magic all over her stores and spawning bespectacled, red-lipped wannabes all over town. So it seems kind of perfect that Lyons is rubbing elbows with Lena Dunham with a role on season three of "Girls."

In a new trailer posted by Vulture, Lyons pops up as Hannah's boss at what appears to be a sleek publishing company. In a quickie scene at the end of the video, Hannah tumbles into a staff meeting and dumps food all over the table, allowing Lyons to deliver one withering line: "And I see you found the snack room as well..."

She may not be playing a fashion editor this time around, but she's maintained her fashion signatures: the slicked-back hair, the lipstick-heavy makeup and the oversized glasses. We can only imagine how Hannah Horvath will mesh (or not) with someone as sleek as Jenna.

Then again, the new season of "Girls" already strikes us as more stylish than both past seasons combined... perhaps Hannah can impress her new boss with her McQueen dress. Check out the video above and get psyched for the season premiere on Jan. 12.

We love you, Jenna:

Jenna Lyons of J. Crew

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