Jenna Marbles Busts Out A 5-Minute String Of Solid Dad Jokes

“Tinder is like a dog collar: You can use it, but it’s still made for dogs.”

If you enjoy jokes that make most people’s eyes roll, the above video is like Adele -- it’s for “Someone Like You.”

YouTube’s Jenna Marbles, who rose to Internet fame back in 2011 with her sarcastic advice video, “How to Get Ready for a Date” and was profiled by The New York Times in 2013, has rolled out a brand new video consisting of a solid string of similes called “Why This Is Like That.

Marbles explains in the video that her inspiration for the five-minute pun-palooza came from a word game she was playing on her phone that involved SAT-style comparisons.

“And I kept getting them wrong,” she explained. “So I made this video to prove to myself I am OK at word comparisons and that that game can suck it.”

The results? Dad-worthy jokes with a pinch of Marbles’ twisted sensibilities. Here’s a taste: “Red carpets are like Buffalo Bill from 'Silence of the Lambs.' We want to know who you’re wearing.”

The video also includes jokes about Justin Bieber, rectums and a funny bit involving orcas. In short, it’s pretty killer.

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