Jenna Miller, BYU Student, Launches Puppies For Rent, Loans Pooches By The Hour (VIDEO)

BYU student Jenna Miller is conquering the dog-eat-dog business world by renting out puppies.

Miller told the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah, that she got the idea for Puppies For Rent from a Yale program that lends a pooch to stressed scholars. Since starting Puppies for Rent last summer with the help of her brother, Miller now has four employees and lots of repeat business. One student told the paper she has rented four puppies, while another said he borrowed one for a first date.

It didn't take long for Miller's pet project to catch on.

“I put up one flier at BYU,” Miller told KUTV. “I got like four calls that same day.”

The young dogs cost $15 for an hour, $25 for two hours and $10 for each hour after that, according to the station. The program gives students all the snuggles without the long-term commitment. Miller said that all her previous puppies, which she gets from families and animal shelters, have found permanent homes.

Campus canine borrowing seems to be picking up. During finals at Sam Houston State University last spring, students could pay $5 for 15 minutes of puppy love, according to the Houstonian.

Emory, Kent State and Macalester College have also experimented with dog-therapy programs for students frazzled by exams, the Associated Press reported.

And last March, Yale Law School students could check out Monty the bulldog along with other library materials to decompress, the New York Times reported. “It is well documented that visits from therapy dogs have resulted in increased happiness, calmness and overall emotional well-being,” law librarian Blair Kauffman told the Times.

Not be outdone, Harvard Medical School has a resident shih tzu called Cooper Anderson who holds regular office hours, the AP noted.