Jenna Ortega Calls 'Wednesday' Co-Star Fred Armisen For Help In 'SNL' Monologue

The "Saturday Night Live" host and the sketch show alum tackled part of the monologue together this weekend.

SNL” host Jenna Ortega looped in a special guest ― “SNL” alum and “Wednesday” co-star Fred Armisen ― to give her assistance during her monologue this weekend.

The 20-year-old, who stars in the newly-released horror flick “Scream VI,” noted that she’s the youngest host of the “Saturday Night Live” season thus far before she reached further back into her entertainment résumé.

“I got discovered when my mom put a video of me on Facebook which someone explained to me is like TikTok but for racism instead of dancing,” Ortega quipped.

She later shut down claims that her personality is akin to her “dark and twisted” roles like those seen in “X” and “Wednesday.”

“I think there’s just something about my face where people see it, and they go ‘hey, let’s throw blood on it,’” Ortega joked.

Ortega, who also showcased a “horror film” remix of one of her first acting gigs, then convinced Armisen to join her on stage despite his initial hesitation.

“Wow, so this is what it feels like to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Armisen said as he marveled at the audience.

“You were on the show for 11 seasons,” Ortega said.

“Ah, that’s sweet, thank you,” Armisen replied.

You can watch Ortega’s full “Saturday Night Live” monologue below.

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