'Girls' Producer Jenni Konner: People Are 'Afraid' Of Lena Dunham 'Telling The Truth'

With great power comes great responsibility, and such is the case with the most successful women on television.

Female stars are often expected to represent every woman and simultaneously portray all of their diverse stories on screen, which Mindy Kaling has called "a double-edged sword." "Girls" executive producer Jenni Konner shared a similar sentiment with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri on Tuesday.

"It is crazy that our show or Mindy's show ... are considered political shows just because we're women," Konner said.

Both "Girls" and "The Mindy Project" have sparked controversy in the media over scenes that dealt with sexual dynamics. Konner told HuffPost Live that people are intimidated by "Girls" star Lena Dunham's singular point of view.

"She is a lightning rod. I think that's fear-based, I guess -- people feeling afraid of her telling the truth or showing her body or any of those things that she does that people get so upset about," Konner said.

Konner said that while she appreciates constructive criticism about "Girls," she's learned not to engage with overzealous negativity.

"When the insane people start the chatter, there's no way to win that fight. It's literally like arguing with someone who is speaking another language, so there's no engaging with that kind of stuff," she said.

Still, Konner is thrilled about how many powerful women are thriving on television.

"This really exciting thing happened when we got nominated for the Golden Globe this year, which was that in our category [Best Comedy Series], every single show but one is female-run. So it's Jill Soloway for 'Transparent,' Jenji [Kohan] for 'Orange Is The New Black,' us ['Girls'], and Jennie Urman for 'Jane The Virgin,'" Konner said. (The sole nominee with a male showrunner is HBO's "Silicon Valley," created by Mike Judge.) "So it's like, I think things are changing. I feel like that's changed. That feels very different from any award group we've been on before."

The fourth season of "Girls" premieres Jan. 11 on HBO.

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