Jenni Rivera's 'Filly Brown' Trailer Debuts (VIDEO)

The highly anticipated trailer of Jenni Rivera’s new urban drama “Filly Brown,” recorded months before her death in a plane crash in Mexico in December, has finally arrived.

The movie, slated for release in April 26, tells the story of Majo, played by actress Gina Rodríguez, a Mexican-American hip-hop prodigy from Los Angeles, who is in a search to find her voice and to accomplish her personal and music career dreams.

Rivera plays the part of Majo’s mother María, who is locked up in jail for drug trafficking. Meanwhile, Lou Diamond Phillips plays the main character's construction foreman father, who struggles to raise his two daughters far from their mother's bad influences.

Directed by Youssef Delara and Michael Olmos, actor Edward James Olmos’ son, critics have applauded the film's cast performances since her presentation last year at Sundance, and fans have make it one the most expected film productions this year.

In an interview with Billboard, the Olmos assured Jenni Rivera deserved an Oscar for her participation in the “Filly Brown” film:

“Jenni was just an amazing force. From the very beginning I've said that she could garner an Academy Award for her work in 'Filly Brown.' She had a tough life, but she also had an extraordinary gift. She touched millions of people and she'll be missed."



Jenni Rivera