Blogger Jennifer Adams: Sleeping Apart From My Husband Saved Our Relationship (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sleeping Apart From My Husband Saved Our Relationship

Sharing a bed with your partner isn't always easy. Snoring, tossing and turning and sleep-talking are just a few of the problems a couple can have while trying to get some shuteye. So instead, blogger Jennifer Adams and her husband chose to sleep in separate bedrooms. She shared her story on HuffPost Live.

When her husband first moved in with her, the couple attempted to sleep together. "We'd only been going out for a few months and he moved in and we were both exhausted by the end of the week," Adams explained to host Mike Sacks. "We both had jobs where we need our sleep. So after one week, we just thought 'no.' We actually went to sleeping separately on the weekends. That lasted for I think about three weeks, and we just realized that we weren't going to be able to sleep together. So we moved to separate rooms really early in our relationship, and nine years on, we're still together."

Snoring was the main culprit for the decision to sleep separately, though the couple's different sleep times also caused problems. "I will often go into bed with my husband before he goes to sleep -- this is another thing, he goes to sleep a lot earlier than I do -- and in the morning, you can also find him in my bed as well. So that's just the way we work."

Though she never imagined that she would sleep apart from her husband on a regular basis, Adams credits their sleep arrangement for keeping the couple together.

"It works for us. Nine years on we're really happy. We're healthy, we have a very good sex life. It hasn't been bad for us, and I would dare say that I don't know if we would even still be alive--I don't know if we'd be together--if we had to sleep in the same bed."

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