Jennifer Aniston's Dress Could Not Be Tighter At 'We're The Millers' NYC Premiere

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Incredibly Tight Dress

Jennifer Aniston shone bright like a diamond at her movie premiere in New York last night, but as amazing as she looked -- the chatter surrounding her midsection wouldn't subside.

Aniston, 44, stunned in an incredibly tight, mid-length, strapless purple dress, her ginormous engagement ring on full display. The actress looked not only fit, healthy and spectacular, she also seemed happy.

But to many Instagram commentors that wasn't the highlight. For every fan saying she looked ravishing, there's a bevvy of comments claiming "She's touching her belly again," "Bump?? Baby bump??!" and "I'm pretty sure we are going to have a baby Justifer in the world in a few months."

"We're The Millers," starring Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts, opens August 9.


jennifer aniston

jennifer aniston

jennifer aniston

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