Ellen DeGeneres Vows To Celebrate Jennifer Aniston's 50th Birthday In Special Way

The "Friends" star has one stipulation for her milestone party, however.

As Jennifer Aniston gears up to turn 50 next year, she can rest assured that Ellen DeGeneres already has a special celebration in mind.  

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, Aniston said she didn’t have plans for her birthday (Feb. 11), but seemed open to the idea of dropping by the show again to mark the occasion.

“I’m doing a party for you on this show,” DeGeneres told the “Friends” star. “What if we have your birthday here, for the whole hour, we celebrate you? I mean it.”

Aniston had one stipulation. “Is it greedy of me to say that then we go to your house and have an after-party?” she quipped.

Meanwhile, Aniston’s film career remains in high gear. Her new movie “Dumplin’” hits Netflix on Friday.   

The Emmy and Golden Globe winner praised the “female empowerment, self-empowerment” theme of the film, which co-stars Danielle Macdonald and boasts a soundtrack by Dolly Parton

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful movie,” Aniston said, adding that the film’s message was “important for young girls to hear right now.”