Jennifer Aniston Interviews Ellen And Portia About Their Marriage -- And It's Adorable (VIDEO)

Between Ellen DeGeneres' badass takedown of Abercrombie & Fitch and the frequent guest appearances of tiny divas Sophia Grace and Rosie, we weren't sure that we could love "The Ellen Show" any more. Luckily, today's show, co-hosted by Jennifer Aniston, proved us wrong.

At one point, Aniston sat down with Ellen and her wife of nearly five years, Portia de Rossi. The ensuing conversation might be one of the cutest things to ever occur on national TV.

"You guys are so good to each other," Aniston said. "But let's get serious, [Portia], what bugs you about Ellen?" After a bit of cajoling, de Rossi admitted that there was "one tiny thing" that bothered her: "I love cooking and I love preparing food ... I try to make it kind of romantic. But every single night, just as I serve her dinner, just as I put it in front of her, she gets up and feeds the cats."

"I rush and feed them, but sometimes they want choices," explained Ellen. "So I put two different kinds, because they're hungry."

We also learned that DeGeneres and de Rossi move around a lot. Though both women have grown to love moving, it seems that these moves upset Aniston. "I get attached to the home you're in and then you leave it," Aniston said. "So I feel like I'm affected too. Do you know how heartbroken I was when you sold that beautiful house to Ryan Seacrest?"

Could these three women be more endearing? We think not.



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