Fans Just Had The Best Response To Jennifer Aniston's Gray Hair

Aniston enthusiasts were all about the natural roots she rocked in a recent Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston is going natural, and fans couldn’t be happier.

The “Friends” actor has been setting hair trends since her sitcom days in the ’90s, so people were thrilled when she rocked gray roots in an Instagram post promoting her new LolaVie haircare brand last week.

Aniston had her hair pulled back into a half-ponytail with silver strands framing her face while she vouched for LolaVie’s deep conditioner in the video.

People online praised the star of “The Morning Show” for embracing her grays.

“Well done for allowing gray to come through - refreshing,” one fan commented on Instagram.

“Jen your hair is just a masterpiece and everybody agrees,” another Instagrammer said.

“How beautiful is Jennifer Aniston and her gray natural streaks in her hair!!” someone tweeted. “I love people who embrace their aging.”

“Jennifer Aniston look[s] great in gray,” another concluded on Twitter.

While Aniston was clearly owning the natural look, she said she wasn’t ready for grays in a 2019 story with InStyle where she admitted, “I’m not gonna lie — I don’t want gray hair.”

Despite her initial hesitation to go natural, the “Along Came Polly” star has always had a thoughtful outlook on aging. In a 2019 interview with Glamour, she told the magazine, “Beauty at any age is beautiful.”

“I think the cliches of ’Oh my God, you look great for your age,” is kind of an old paradigm that doesn’t exist anymore,” she later added.

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