Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Buy Groceries In Identical Outfits (PHOTO)

Jennifer Aniston bought her boyfriend Justin Theroux a pricey leather jacket (off of James Dean's back, no less) as a birthday gift. Now it looks like Jen is channeling Theroux's rocker style herself.

The paparazzi-bait couple stepped out in rainy New York today looking nearly identical: black shirt, loose jeans, leather belt, lace- up boots and silver-rimmed aviator glasses.

The look is so twin-like, we wonder if Jen is morphing into Justin as the couple grows closer and closer at warp speed. The pair only started dating in May but have already moved in together and have been spotted all over the place (Hawaii included) hand in hand.

And now, apparently, they are dressing out of a single wardrobe. The matchy-matchy moment is almost as bad as that time Prince William and Catherine took a walk in those coordinating purple sweater ensembles...

But at least Jen and Justin look cool.

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