Matthew Perry Finally Joined Instagram And Could Jennifer Aniston BE Any Happier?

Aniston welcomed her former co-star onto the platform with an iconic line from "Friends."

The gang is now all together. On Instagram at least.

Matthew Perry became the final lead cast member of “Friends” to sign up to the picture-sharing platform earlier this week, as reports swirled about the six stars “finalizing agreements” for an unscripted retrospective reunion show.

Perry’s account lay dormant until Friday when he shared his first-ever post ― a GIF of his character Chandler Bing celebrating.

“This is how thrilled I am to finally be on Instagram. So, here we go...,” he wrote.

Ahead of Perry’s first post, the other “Friends” couldn’t have been any more excited. Jennifer Aniston remembered one of their iconic scenes, sharing a snap of the pair alongside a clip from an episode in which her character Rachel Green and Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller lose their apartment in a trivia quiz after failing to name what Perry’s Bing does for a job.

“I’m shocked Matty is the last to join Instagram, considering he was a uh… umm… oh crap. Oh! A computer processing TRANSPONSTER,” Aniston captioned the image.

Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe Buffay, also marked Perry’s new Instagram profile with a “Friends”-themed memory. “Finally!!! Yay!! Can’t believe my eyes MY EYES,” she wrote.

Perry’s post garnered more than 4.5 million views in its first 12 hours online.

He’s also already amassed more than 4 million followers.

Aniston set a world record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers after joining Instagram and sharing this image in October:

Aniston currently has 27.1 million followers.

Cox has 7.6 million, Kudrow has 5.6 million, Matt LeBlanc (aka Joey Tribbiani) has 4.9 million and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) has 3.9 million.