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Jennifer Aniston Called Out For Showing Nipples On Chelsea Handler Show (VIDEO)

It's ok, Jen, those studios are REALLY cold.

It's not often that a celebrity gets called out directly to their face for exposing just a little too much, especially A-listers like Jennifer Aniston. So we thought it was pretty funny when Chelsea Handler decided to literally point out Jen's nipples on national television.

The newly-engaged actress (with an already-infamous, enormous, massive, HUGE ring) sat down for an interview on "Chelsea Lately" last night only to have her nipples become the topic of conversation. "When Jen comes on the show, there's always something where her nipples are very, very pronounced. Not today, I can't see them today... Oh actually I can," Chelsea said.

Jen proceeded to do a face palm and turn pretty red, but she was a pretty good sport (as per usual). After all, Chelsea is a good friend of hers, so we're guessing the 43-year-old actress was well-prepared for a candid interview. Plus, to be honest, it really isn't a rare occasion that we see Jennifer's nipples, so maybe it's just a style choice?

After Chelsea pointed out the sartorial pink elephant in the room, Jen got "verkelempt" and welled up talking about fiance Justin Theroux. It was just about the cutest thing ever. Now if we could just figure out why she hates bras so much...

Check out the clip of Chelsea Handler calling out Jennifer Aniston for showing her nipples and tell us what you think.


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