Jennifer Aniston On 'Rachael Ray': I Feel 'Labeled' In My 40s

Jennifer Aniston visited the 'Rachael Ray Show' to promote 'Just Go With It,' and in the interview airing Wednesday she talks about her guilty pleasures, what she'd change about her body and getting older (she turned 42 last week).

"All of a sudden you're labeled, you're a number," she said (via Us Weekly). "It wasn't like 30-plus or 30 something. It's just that all of sudden, it's like, 'Wow for your age, not so bad.' It's like what?"

Jen added that it hurts because "all of a sudden they're making it sound like life is coming very shortly to an end. It's weird."

Jen recently told People about her birthday plans and how she stays slim.

"If you're consistently working out, your metabolic rate is constantly at a level where it's kind of burning," she said.

Jen has also admitted to jealousy over Nicole Kidman's abs. See her hottest bikini moments here.