Jennifer Aniston Got Cartilage Piercing Prior To Chopping Off Her Hair

Jennifer Aniston Got A Piercing And It's So '90s

Jennifer Aniston is really shaking things up.

Earlier this week, the 44-year-old actress debuted a shorter 'do, but it appears that before her stylist got scissor-happy, she made a pit stop at either her local Claire's Accessories or Piercing Pagoda.

Prior to chopping off her locks, Aniston and pal Gucci Westman apparently found a time machine so they could travel back to the '90s and get matching cartilage piercings. On Oct. 29, Westman, a makeup artist, posted a photo to Instagram of the small diamond stud earrings that now adorn their ears.

What's next? Running to the quad to grab your Cranberries CD before someone snags it?

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