Jennifer Aniston Discusses Possibility Of Prince William Hair Transplant

Jennifer Aniston Sounds Off About Wills' Hairline

It might be the topic of tabloid headlines and potentially responsible for pushing up his wedding date, but Prince William's receding hairline is a non-issue for the woman who matters most: Jennifer Aniston.

The actress sat down with Lisa Snowdon of Britain's Capital FM radio, apparently in a hot tub (read: studio with hot tub sound effects) to discuss Will's vanishing 'do. An excerpt from their conversation, which can be heard in full here:

Lisa Snowdon: There's rumor in the palace that they've been saying Prince William should get a hair transplant. What do you think about that?

Jennifer Aniston: Who's "they"?

LS: The people in the palace.

JA: The people in the palace?

LS: Yeah, they're saying to do hair and teeth is fine because it's completely cosmetic. What's your take?

JA: I think he should just let whatever's happening happen. Don't you? Well, now if we see him with a hair transplant, we're going to be like, "Oh, he had a hair transplant"...I think there's nothing wrong with it, like Ed Harris, come on. Gorgeous.

Ed Harris? We'd say William's not quite there yet. But in the meantime, the prince has been a good sport, putting up with commentary from his brother Harry, who once told a war veteran in Barbados that Wills "was already bald aged 12." And in any case, there's always a little image manipulation program called Photoshop, which previously gave us a taste of William as a brunette.

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