Mila Moursi, Jennifer Aniston's Facialist, Reveals The Secrets To Getting The Star's Glow

We asked her facialist for her favorite tips.

Jennifer Aniston has been holding down the healthy, glowy skin look for years now, and she has one woman in Hollywood to thank for that: Mila Moursi. The French-born skincare genius behind the eponymous Los Angeles-based boutique spa, has been keeping many an actress looking young and radiant for decades. (Her other clients include Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler.) Fortunately for us civilians, her recently-launched skincare line is now available at Barneys. We met with Moursi recently to discuss the products, but truthfully, we had one big question on our mind: How do we get skin like Jennifer Aniston? Here, Moursi lays it out for us:

Find a ritual -- and stick with it: When we asked which product she would consider to be the "hero" product, she quickly shut down the idea. "If I give you the most expensive product in the line, but just by itself, it won't work," says Moursi. "For me, the 'hero' is when you put a beautiful regimen together -- that's when you get synergy. If your skin is stimulated, cleansed, prepared, then your skin is happy and ready for treatment." And Moursi really drives home the concept of a ritual, such as the following: "Cleanse your face, gently scrub, steam it, give it the nourishments it needs, then a mask to calm it down." Create at-home facial results with a warm wash cloth: To mimic the steaming effect that you get from a spa service, Moursi suggests incorporating this household staple into your routine. A warm cloth will help soften the skin and open pores for cleansing. She also reminds us to "take [our] time to cleanse, and don't rush it."

Don't skip toner: To be honest, we've given some serious thought as to whether this step is necessary or not. But Moursi couldn't stress its importance enough. "To me, if you don't have time for anything: cleanse and tone. The toner has a lot of different factors. It completes your cleansing process, balances your pH and it helps shrink your pores. Why don't people use toner!"

Prepare skin at night: Look for ingredients which promote cell turnover and clears dead skin cells. Moursi is a fan of glycolic acid, which "penetrates the skin and behaves like a broom to clean the walls of the pores," she says. When you have blocked pores, "dead skin cells get stuck in there," Moursi points out. "Instead of coming to the surface, they die on the way up. You need to clear the pores and create an open channel for new skin cells to reach the surface."

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