Jennifer Aniston Is Really Into The Taco Cleanse

She is wise.

Jennifer Aniston is just the latest person to learn about the glory of the "taco cleanse."

Yahoo Food brought up this year’s first major diet trend, which involves eating only tacos for a full month, while interviewing the star on Thursday.

Aniston’s first response was “WHAT?!” before she immediately started Googling and told her interviewers she was “riveted” by the idea.

The Taco Cleanse cookbook was released in December. The authors, four residents of Austin, Texas, were inspired by a month in 2013 in which they ate nothing but various forms of tacos.

While the book makes facetious promises like guaranteed beard growth for men and realignment of followers’ chakras into an “optimal taco pattern,” it’s not totally a joke. The book provides a ton of nutrition-filled, vegan recipes and the authors have some wise words about a culture obsessed with diets and ineffective juice cleanses.

“Take the negativity and bullshit out of your body-mind and put the tacos in,” co-author Stephanie Bogdanich told Cosmopolitan.

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