Jennifer Aniston Trades Families In Expertly Timed Emirates Commercial

We see what you did there.

Jennifer Aniston stars in a new commercial about the high life. How high? 30,000 ft. up in the air on one of Emirates’ luxury airplanes.

The new TV spot, released on Wednesday, begins with Aniston showering in what looks like a first-class hotel room, but turns out to be an airplane SHOWER SPA (!) with a complimentary orchid.

When she returns to her seat, however, she finds some kid has clearly disobeyed the rules of the first-class curtain and ventured above his station. But Aniston is Aniston, after all, and helps the wayward child return to his family, who is stunned that they’re on the same plane as a famous actress. 

Instead of dropping him off, however, she betrays Renee Zellweger’s “Jerry Maguire” wisdom about first-class travel (”It used to be a better meal, now it’s a better life.”) and swaps seats with the mother of the family to try out life in economy. 

Honestly, there’s no one we’d rather trade places with than Aniston right now



Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux