Jennifer Aniston Vows To Look Good In A Bikini At 80

The actress, 46, swears she's going to age gracefully.

She's known for her rock-hard physique as much as her iconic hairstyle, and Jennifer Aniston says she plans to stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible. 

The actress, who turns 47 in February, says she'll be donning a bikini and a stunning figure well into her golden years. 

"If I can be the first 80-year-old to go out there successfully in a bikini, then I'll take that on," Aniston told PEOPLE.

Now married to Justin Theroux, Aniston has said life is better than ever. She said she's gotten "more comfortable" in her body as she's gotten older. And it seems her confidence will only continue to grow into her 50s and beyond.

"I don't think anybody needs to rein in anything because of an age," Aniston said. "That is absolute BS. To each his own! Everybody needs to stay in his own backyard."

The actress has spoken out about the pressure Hollywood puts on women to stay young and ageless, saying in a 2014 interview that she gets annoyed when people say she looks good "for her age." “Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason," Aniston told WWD. 

She told People last year that she thinks it's important for women not to let society dictate how you feel about age. "We’re going to feel good about ourselves if we see another woman who is 50 and rocking it,” she said.

We can't wait to see her "rocking it" in a bikini in 30-plus years. 

h/t People

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