Jennifer Aniston's Annual Skin and Beauty Budget Tops Six Figures

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What do stars do when they've played the part of the adorable girl next door or hopeless romantic for 20+ years? What methods are taken to ensure they can play the part of the sexy hook-up instead of the hovering divorced mother of five?

In the case of 45-year-old Jennifer Aniston, the actress invests heavily on skin and beauty treatments that aim to keep her casted as the token pretty girl for many years to come. In a story first reported on Yahoo! Shine, the actress spent $141,037 in 2012 alone on various treatments.

We're well past the age where an actor or actress would get a simple cosmetic injection, tone their body in the gym, or find a top rhinoplasty surgeon to do some magic to their nose. In a competitive time where a six-pack just isn't enough, Hollywood mainstays and hopefuls alike are going to drastic measures to keep up with their beauty regimen.

Late night TV host Conan O'Brien prodded Aniston until she finally stated, "I'm obsessed with laser porn." She elaborated that she is an aficionado of laser therapy, which aims to zap age spots acquired from spending a lot of time in the California Sun. She also spoke highly of chemical peels, which remove a layer of dead skin from the face over a week's time. The result is a pillow full of dead skin build-up each morning. dug deep and uncovered every beauty and skin treatment Aniston uses to look her best. An overview of her entire routine is below.

1. Skin Care:

Staples: Neutrogena Facial Cleansing bar and Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream.

During awards shows and red carpet appearances, however, she steps it up. Aniston gets a facial valued at $450 and gets a take home bag of product valued just shy of $400.

Total estimated monthly spend. (Combining the one chemical peel per month): $1,186.95.

2. Hair Care:

A day at the salon for Aniston in Malibu, California, is an estimated $920.

3. MakeUp

The $404 per day routine of products Aniston uses equates to a whopping $4,402 per month!

4. Miscellaneous

Aniston has reportedly had two nose jobs in Beverly Hills. Estimated at $18,000.

Spray tanning, a bi-weekly event, runs $45 per session.

Personal training is around $900 per week, according to estimates of current wages in Los Angeles.

Aniston's weekly budget is $385 for pre-made meals. After an initial $300 consult, of course.

The Damage:

When you add it all up and arrive at a monthly estimate, you get the whopping sum of $11,933.37! Or annually, $141,037.97!

Of course, when your net worth is near $150 million like Aniston's, this number is entirely relative.