Jennifer Aniston's Estranged Mother Will Be Invited To Wedding To Justin Theroux: REPORT

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Has time healed all wounds for Jennifer Aniston?

The actress didn't invite her mother, Nancy Dow, to her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, but RadarOnline reports that Aniston's mother will be invited the second time around.

The 43-year-old actress announced her engagement to her boyfriend of 14 months, Justin Theroux, on Sunday night and though no details about the wedding have been released, sources say Aniston's second wedding will include her mother.

According to RadarOnline, Dow was told by Aniston's half-brother, John Melick, that she'll indeed be invited to the wedding because Aniston's new fiance strongly believes in family values and has convinced his bride-to-be that her mother deserves to be invited.

Aniston and her mother had been estranged for more than a decade after Dow gave an interview about their relationship in 1996. According to the Daily Mail, the actress called her mother afterward, and told her that she'd never forgive her for betraying her trust. Dow's 1999 book, "From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir," about their rocky relationship, didn't make things any better.

“Sadly, the initial fallout between Nancy and Jennifer in 1999 meant that she wasn’t on the guest list for the 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt -- something that always haunted her," explained RadarOnline's insider, who added that the pair have put their differences behind them.

Aniston and her mother began speaking again following her split from Pitt in 2005.

"Yeah, it's been really nice," she told "Good Morning America" of the reconciliation after nine years of estrangement. "It's been really nice. It's crazy what, you know, your life kind of being turned upside down will lead you to. … For us it's … it was the time, and it was going to happen when it was supposed to happen. So this is good. It's baby steps."

Repairs to the relationship have been slow, but Aniston and Theroux were both spotted visiting Dow in 2011, after she suffered a stroke, reported Us Weekly.

Dow reportedly learned of Aniston's engagement to Theroux at the same time as everyone else, and a family insider told Radar that "Nancy is absolutely delighted Jennifer is going to marry Justin."

However, the actress's father, John Aniston -- with whom she has a close relationship -- was privy to the good news before the rest of the world.

The 79-year-old "Days of Our Lives" actor first claimed ignorance, telling Celebuzz it was a surprise to him, but Jennifer's rep explained to Us Weekly that her father did know about the engagement prior to Sunday night's announcement, but didn't want to spill what he thought was still a secret.

He "thought he was being trapped on the phone so played dumb to be safe," the rep explained to the magazine.

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