Jennifer Aniston's Hair: Actress Covers Up Her Famous Locks With A Blond Wig For A Role (PHOTO)

In her "Friends" heyday, Jennifer Aniston's hair was all the rage. Women worldwide wanted Rachel Green's haircut, hair color and hairstyle. That little detail cemented Aniston's spot in the pantheon of A-listers, some say even more so than her acting.

So imagine our surprise to see Jen, 43, on the set of her new film, the "Untitled Elmore Leonard Project," in Greenwich, CT.

The famed actress opted for a much lighter shade of blond, though the jury is still out on how it complements her complexion.

jennifer aniston hair

As seen above, Jen's usually warmer honey-hued hair is covered by a bright blond wig (can this possibly be inspired by her hair crush, Gisele Bundchen?) Aniston herself is covered up in multiple layers because of the freezing temperatures in Connecticut.

According to the Daily Mail, Jen's role is that of a kidnapped housewife whose husband refuses to pay ransom for her. It is a 1970s comedy-crime drama and a prequel to the film "Jackie Brown."

When she's not filming, Aniston is prepping for the next big role in her life: Justin Theroux's wife. The two actors have reportedly enrolled in "marriage bootcamp" together to rid of all potentially harmful problems before they tie the knot.



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