Jennifer Garner Unveils Adorably Decorated Holiday Chicken Coop

"My ladies wanted me to relay: their halls are bedecked," wrote the actor and self-described chicken lady.

If you’re having trouble getting in the holiday spirit this year, look no further than Jennifer Garner’s chicken coop.

“My ladies wanted me to relay: their halls are bedecked,” the actor wrote underneath a photo of the coop — which bears a sign dubbing it “The Lair” — adorned with big-bulb multicolored Christmas lights.

She followed up the caption with the hashtags #hohoho, #cluckcluckcluck and #🤶🏻🐓, an emoji reference to being a “chicken lady.”

Garner cemented her chicken lady status in 2017 when she introduced the world to hen Regina George in a photo taken while walking her feathered friend on a leash.

“Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale,” Garner wrote at the time.

She also noted, “If there isn’t a Chicken Lady Day 🐣, there really should be. ”

Garner posted a tribute to Regina after the hen died of natural causes in 2018, noting that the leash-loving bird was her family’s “favorite.”

Since then, other members of the flock, including a glamorous black-feathered hen named Hennifer, have also taken starring roles on the “Alias” alum’s Instagram account.

Merry Cluck-mas!