This Video Of Jennifer Garner High On Laughing Gas And Sobbing About 'Hamilton' Is So Pure

"I started crying and I couldn’t stop."

In case you hadn’t heard, Jennifer Garner recently blessed Instagram with her presence and has essentially been killing the game ever since. 

Nothing, however, compares to the video she shared on Thursday or herself having a low-key mental breakdown after a visit to the dentist. Apparently, someone gave her the good stuff — i.e. laughing gas and novocaine — and the actress had trouble keeping it together after listening to a song from “Hamilton.” 

“They did the sad part of ’Hamilton’ and I started crying and I couldn’t stop,” a tearful Garner laugh-cries in the throwback video. 

“It’s so beautiful. It’s so beautiful,” she adds. “It was so beautiful, that musical. It was so pretty.”

“Throwback Thursday — that time I had dental anesthesia...laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you’re welcome,” she captioned the video.  

Garner is speaking to someone (we’re just going to assume it’s her “Alias” co-star and Broadway legend Victor Garber) on the phone, but watch and judge for yourself below. 

We do not deserve her. 



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