Jennifer Garner Goes Full Marie Kondo And The Results Are Predictably Adorable

Name a more iconic duo.

Stars, they’re just like us ― reevaluating their entire lives after watching Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show. 

Jennifer Garner is the latest disciple of the Japanese lifestyle guru who’s changing hearts, minds and T-shirt drawers with world-renowned decluttering tactics in her series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

The “Alias” alum shared a video of herself on Wednesday going through the Kondo motions, pondering what about her own junk drawer sparked joy. 

“@mariekondo — I’m all about it,” Garner captioned an Instagram video, adding the hashtags “#junkdrawer” and “#canyoucomeover.”

And what lies in the most untouched corners of Garner’s home? Highlighters, pantyhose, unused Invisalign treatments, endless cords and a hilarious “rain bonnet” that she sports throughout the video. 

“Why?” the “Camping” star tells the camera as she pilfers through the items. “Why do I have it? I don’t know.” 

Garner’s comments quickly filled up with fans pleading with her to do her own lifestyle series ― the actress hosts her own “pretend cooking show,” as she dubs it, on her ever so popular Instagram account. 

One unexpected commenter was Kondo herself, who chimed in to write, “Happy tidying @jennifer.garner! You’re doing a great job ― here if you need some extra help.”

Garner has yet to respond, but when this team-up eventually does happen, we dare you to name a more iconic duo. 

Celebrities have been fawning over Kondo’s methods in recent weeks with stars like Mindy Kaling as early adopters.