Jennifer Garner's Birthday Tribute To Reese Witherspoon Can't Be Topped

Garner played "Groovy Kind of Love" on a saxophone and donned a full band uniform.

The internet just doesn’t deserve Jennifer Garner.

The “Peppermint” star and permanent ray of sunshine pulled out all the stops for her friend Reese Witherspoon’s birthday on Friday.

Her present came in the form of putting on a band uniform and playing the song “A Groovy Kind of Love” on a saxophone for Witherspoon and all of Instagram to enjoy. 

“Many moons ago, my high school marching band played this song for homecoming. Today I play it for my boo, @reesewitherspoon,” Garner wrote.

“We have a groovy kind of love. Happy birthday, Lady,” she added, alongside the hashtags #bandgeeksarethebestgeeks and #havethebestday. 

Garner proceeded to play the song ― showing off some impressive breath control, as one commenter noted, and ending with a gorgeous page turn.  

“Get you a friend that plays the sax for your b day like Jennifer Garner does for Reese Witherspoon,” one follower said, and many others lauded the actress’ musical talent. 

“Every time I think I could not adore you more...bar is raised,” a fan wrote, echoing the sentiments of many. 

Garner’s Instagram is a constant source of delight for her followers, as she regularly shows off recipes, her dog Birdie and lots of content centered on her kids. 

She recently showed off one of the costumes she wore for her son Samuel’s birthday — which didn’t really go over well. 

“Well, guess what. It turns out 7 is the age my kid stops thinking it’s cool when I dress up for the party,” she captioned the hilarious photo. 

More posts, please. 

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