Jennifer Garner Keeps It 'Classy' In Hurrying Daughter To School Bus

The "Camping" star conquered her own version of rush hour in relatable casual style.

Jennifer Garner shared a photo of her wearing a robe and slippers after she rushed her daughter to the school bus, proving that hurried morning casual will never go out of style.

The “Peppermint” actor, holding a coffee mug, earned points for the JG monogram on her bathrobe.

“She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy. 🙌🏻🌟👵🏻” Garner wrote in her caption for the photo, posted Wednesday on Instagram.

Garner has two daughters, ages 10 and 13, and a son, 7, with ex Ben Affleck.

In September, Garner posted a meme to sum up her bittersweet emotions about sending her kids off to school for another year. But maybe hectic mornings like the one above make her yearn for the more leisurely days of summer.