A Nervous Jennifer Garner Went Undercover To A Screening Of ‘Peppermint’

“I’ve never done this before, and now I know why.”

Sometimes it’s bad enough just hearing the sound of your own voice, let alone watching yourself in a film that’s been referred to as a “cinematic crime.”

But that’s exactly what actress Jennifer Garner did earlier this week when she decided to see her new film “Peppermint” with regular moviegoers at a cinema in LA.

Garner, who stars in the film as a mom-turned-killing machine after her family is murdered in a drive-by shooting, uploaded a video to Instagram on Sunday in which she documented the humorous ordeal:

Following the film’s conclusion, Garner hid behind curtains as the audience filed out of the theater. 

“Did they like it?” she whispered. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for Garner if you’re planning on seeing the new flick this week. She’s already teased audiences that she might just “be lurking behind a curtain at a theater near you.”