Jennifer Granholm Appeared On 1978 'Dating Game' Episode Before Political Career (VIDEO)

Before launching her political career, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm took a brief foray into television, where she showed off her '70s style and singledom.

In a 1978 episode of "The Dating Game," the 19-year-old governor-to-be appears as a bachelorette. The host introduces Granholm as a "cute and curvaceous" lover of the arts to the three contestants who will vie for her affection. None of them are Michigan's former First Husband, Dan Mulhern.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the video's poster came across the clip on the Facebook page of one of the losing bachelors. The paper also reports Granholm laughed when she was shown the video.

Granholm appears slightly nervous in the show, but still manages to ask coy questions and even do a brief dance.

In a more recent appearance, Granholm, who now hosts her own television show on Current TV, showed off her performer chops. With a loud voice and large hand gestures, she fired up the crowd with her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

See her current stage presence below, and watch the clip from "The Dating Game" above to see which contestant wins Granholm's vote!



Jennifer Granholm At The DNC