Jennifer Granholm To Obama: Pick A Non-Judge For Supreme Court

Jennifer Granholm To Obama: Pick A Non-Judge For Supreme Court

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who was on the president's short list for the Supreme Court during the last go-around and seems likely to be there this time as well, had some advice for the White House as it seeks to fill the vacancy left by Justice John Paul Stevens: Choose a non-judge.

"I think it's a very wise move to consider experience that is not just from the judicial monastery because -- I mean it's not just me, you know Janet Napolitano, people that have applied the laws that Congress enacts, that have seen their impact on people, that -- you know, I mean I'm from the most challenged state in the country," Granholm told CNN's "State of the Union." "And, you know, for somebody to experience and see what everyday people are feeling and experiencing out there, I think is an important thing to consider."

"Now, whether that's something that would trump judicial experience, etc. That's obviously the president's call," Granholm added "It's safe to say that someone like me would be an unconventional nominee, at least in -- in the recent appointments that have been made."

The Michigan Governor is an alluring Court choice for the President. Term-limited in 2010, she was vetted by the White House during the last nomination process and has plenty of plaudits within the Democratic community. Her stint as Attorney General of Michigan, however, is essentially the extent of her legal record (though by Granholm's reasoning this could and should be considered a virtue)

Asked by host Candy Crowley whether she would consider the post if asked, Granholm offered the usual evasiveness.

"I'll just say this," she said. "It's a great honor to be on -- considered on the list. But there are a lot of great people who are on the list. Let's leave it at that."

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