Jennifer Lawrence Reveals The Best Bit Of Advice She's Ever Received

The nugget of wisdom came from Oprah Winfrey, no less.

Oprah Winfrey can dispense nuggets of wisdom, even under her breath.

Hollywood movie star Jennifer Lawrence  credits the media mogul for giving her a truly golden piece of advice during a recent lunch.

In a new article for The Hollywood Reporter, Winfrey as interviewer asked the actress to recall the best guidance she’d ever received.

Lawrence replied:

“It was probably by you, you just said it under your breath. You were talking, and then under your breath you said:

‘You have to teach somebody how to treat you.’

“That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Lawrence, who appears on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue, also revealed to Winfrey what she’d do if she ever met President Donald Trump.

Check out the full interview with Lawrence in The Hollywood Reporter here.