'Uptown Girls' Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Dance On Billy Joel's Piano

We like them just the way they are.

We didn't start the fire; Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer did.

The pair burned up the stage dancing at Billy Joel's concert at Wrigley Field on Thursday. (As the girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen, JLaw should be pretty used to that.) Lawrence and Schumer started out in a group before ditching their shoes and dancing on the piano during Joel's performance of "Uptown Girl."

Schumer tweeted out an even closer look at the performance along with a pretty fitting message:

JLaw fan accounts are also sharing another angle, which appears to show Lawrence kissing Schumer's foot when she gets on the piano:

Yeah, that's a little weird. But they are playing sisters in an upcoming movie together, so they can probably get away with that stuff. And besides, to paraphrase Joel, we like them "just the way they are."

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