Jennifer Lawrence Told Amy Schumer She Looked 'Pretty, Not Smart' At The Emmys

That's a nice Emmy, Amy.
That's a nice Emmy, Amy.

Amy Schumer took the stage to accept her award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and thanked all the people who helped her along the way (including, but not limited to, the girl who gave her "sort of a smoky eye"), her image telecast into the homes of millions. Somewhere, probably in Los Angeles, from the comfort of her couch, Jennifer Lawrence was also watching.

Backstage after the event, Schumer mentioned the congratulatory message she received from her friend.

"Jennifer sent me a really sweet text," Schumer told ET. "She said that I looked pretty but not smart." Which, of course, is every girl's dream. Congrats, Amy!!!

The pair is working on a movie script -- in which they play sisters -- with Schumer's real-life sister Kim. But they likely won't get around to shooting it for another year or so, the Emmy winner told ET. "We're busy!" she explained, adding that Lawrence is "the real deal funny."

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