Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer's Movie Script Is Complete, YASSS


Get ready, world, the JLaw-Schumer comedy is coming. 

Jennifer Lawrence told BBC 6 Music that she and the comedian have just finished writing the script of their untitled film that they will co-star in. 

“That is done. We have finished writing it,” she said. “We have an official first draft. I'm gonna try and fit that somewhere into my ghoulish schedule. We’re going to try to do that pretty soon.” 

"It was hilarious, because when you’re writing a comedy, it’s not good enough unless you’re laughing out loud. So I'm laughing at my own pages, and I'm laughing at her pages, and the whole process is just hilarious. I think we got a pretty funny, good movie.”

The "Joy" star gave "Entertainment Tonight" some info about the plot in November. 

“Amy, in this movie, she has it very together," she said. "It’s her lifelong dream to be a flight attendant. She works at the airport. And I’m a mess, so … " 

We. Can't. Wait. 


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