Jennifer Lawrence And Aziz Ansari Give New Meaning To #FriendshipGoals

We love everything about this.

Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari have taken their friendship to new heights.

Following their friend Amy Schumer's debut hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live," the duo headed out to the show's afterparty together. And when they left, they didn't just leave walking side by side like regular folk. Nope, they left in style. See for yourself:

Yep, that's right. JLaw gave Ansari a piggyback ride. And in heels, no less. That is real friendship right there.

We first found about their friendship last week, when they were hanging out with Schumer and fellow actor Chris Pratt. The quartet were seemingly writing together and took a few breaks to present us with some Instagram video masterpieces, like the one below.

All we want to know is: When's the full movie coming out?

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